Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Empire Builder - Ancient Egypt

Free Full Version Games: Empire Builder-Ancient Egypt

Become ancient Egypt`s greatest architect and construct world famous monuments as you raise an empire from the sands of time! Help powerful pharaohs build along the lush Nile River and solidify their life legacy in Empire Builder - Ancient Egypt. This detailed Strategy game challenges you to protect your people from locust plagues and terrifying mummies, while creating some of the Wonders of the World!

* Challenging levels
* Exciting minigames
* Build an Empire!

Empire Builder - Ancient Egypt | 84 Mb |

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Delicious 5- Emily's Holiday Season

Free Full Version Games: Delicious 5- Emily's Holiday Season

Emily settled in a little town called Snuggford to celebrate the holidays together with her friends and family. Besides that, two lovely young men are being introduced to Emily's life.

*Play the heartwarming and Exclusive holiday sequel to the smash time management series
*Join Emily in a festive and romantic adventure through a winter wonderland
*Meet her family, catch up with friends and find love
*Serve holiday treats to win fresh new fireworks
*Frolic in festive activities making snowmen, ice-skating and throwing snowballs

Delicious 5- Emily's Holiday Season | 112 Mb |

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Jojo's Fashion Show: World Tour

Free Full Version Games: Jojo's Fashion Show-World Tour

New models, hot styles and an all new Design Mode await you in the highly anticipated Jojo's Fashion Show World Tour. What's new? You get to design your own gorgeous outfits and see them on the runway!!

Select from sultry Flamenco or sleek Paris Street as you deck out ultra-realistic new models and join the Las Cruces ladies on their latest adventure! Designers at heart will love concocting their own runway-ready pieces in a never before seen design mode.

Jojo's Fashion Show: World Tour | 210 Mb |

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Fix-It-Up: World Tour

Free Full Version Games: Fix-It-Up-World Tour

Kate, the owner of car-repair shops all over U.S.A., is faced with a new challenge: Go abroad! Build car-repair shops everywhere from snowy Canada, to the steaming African jungles! Buy cars, fix'em, give'em a painting and they're good to go. Increase the quality of your offers by upgrading buildings and tuning the cars so they don't pollute the environment in this Time Management game. Just be sure to see what the clients want so you can set the price high in Fix-It-Up: World Tour!

* Fast-paced gameplay
* Heartwarming love story
* Fix up the cars!

Fix-It-Up: World Tour | 64 Mb |

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Simplz: Zoo

Free Full Version Games: Simplz-Zoo

Simplz: Zoo combines two types of game play, simulation and puzzle into one unique game.
In Simplz: Zoo, you'll be in charge of your own zoo. You'll decide everything from what animals to add, to where the water fountains should go.

Play is broken into two parts. In the simulation part, you'll build your zoo. In the puzzle part, you'll match tokens to gather resources such as money and building materials so that you can further expand your zoo.
Each exhibit you add to your zoo will also directly impact the puzzle part of the game as every exhibit comes with a power-up or other item that will change the puzzle game play, keeping things continually fresh and fun!
Filled with more than 90 comical animals, multi-leveled strategic game play, upbeat music, hidden secret codes, and made to make you smile goodness, Simplz: Zoo is roaring good time for everyone!

Simplz: Zoo | 53 Mb |

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Fiona Finch and the Finest Flowers

Free Full Version Games: Fiona Finch and the Finest Flowers

Fiona is trying to forget her past by totally immersing herself in the world of gardening. Fiona is out to win the Finest Flowers competition and needs your help! Travel to Fiona’s home town of Beeville, and dive into the fiery competition in this fast-paced Time Management game. Grow gorgeous geraniums, terrific tulips, vibrant violets, and walk away with the grand prize in Fiona Finch and the Finest Flowers!

*Fast-paced gameplay
*Unique upgrades
*Grow the Finest Flowers!

Fiona Finch and the Finest Flowers | 114 Mb |

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Free Full Version Games: Mall-a-Palooza

Transform an empty mall into a bustling shopping mecca in Mall-a-Palooza! A business opportunity awaits you in the form of a large, renovated mall space. The only problem is, the space must be filled with stores in order to entice customers to shop there. Success won't come easy as products break, stores get robbed, and a giant mall doesn’t just clean itself you know…
As you overcome the challenges, you'll be rewarded with new opportunities to build bigger and better shopping malls. Enjoy colorful characters, exciting time-management gameplay, and 8 locations of ever-expanding bliss.

Mall-a-Palooza | 97 Mb |

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Hot Dish 2: Cross Country Cook-off

Free Full Version Games: Hot Dish 2: Cross Country Cook-off

Master a myriad of local American cuisines to clench the Gourmet Grand Prix in this delicious Time Management game! Take to the road and hone your spatula against America’s diverse regional dishes. You’ll have to prove your skills against chefs who specialize in everything from sprouts and tofu in So Cal, to cheese steaks in Philly, and gumbo in New Orleans. Get gastronomic with Hot Dish 2: Cross Country Cook-off!

* Flavorful power-ups
* Intense, dynamic game-play
* Cook up a storm!

Hot Dish 2: Cross Country Cook-off | 73 Mb |

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Garden Dreams

Free Full Version Games: Garden Dreams

Try your hand at this fresh adventure in extreme gardening! Profits are the only way to succeed and to do that you have to make your garden grow. Invest in new seeds, pest control and bigger and better hardware. The more you grow the more profits you sow. You'll meet some friends along the way to help maintain your garden. Is your thumb green enough to survive and make your Garden Dreams a reality?

Game features:
• 25 fun upgrades like sprinklers, crop dusters, rodents, other garden dangers that you need to be wary of
• 5 increasingly difficult Gardens to master
• Multiple plant types
• 10 dangerous enemies you need to watch out for
• Built in Media player

Garden Dreams | 15.8 Mb |

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The Palace Builder

Free Full Version Games: The Palace Builder

In 18th century France, you are a young, unknown architect looking for your big break and a chance to impress the Queen. In this building Simulation game, set in the romantic upper class world of French aristocracy, you will design and manage the construction of the most beautiful structures in the kingdom. Will your work attract the attention of the Queen, or will a secret destroy your chances for fame and fortune? Find out in The Palace Builder!

* Dive into architecture
* Design different palaces
* Find your big break!

The Palace Builder | 104 Mb |

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HappyVille: Quest for Utopia

Free Full Version Games: HappyVille: Quest for Utopia

Construct the city of your dreams in HappyVille: Quest for Utopia! Design and plan your town to keep your citizen’s content! Anticipate your people’s needs, design freely, and have the initiative to expand and grow your city. Inspire and create happiness as you adapt to new challenges and deal with drastic changes in this fun Simulation game. Unlock new buildings and create gorgeous neighborhoods in Happyville!

* Gorgeous graphics
* Friendly citizens
* Create your own Utopia!

HappyVille: Quest for Utopia | 64 Mb |

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My Life Story

Free Full Version Games: My Life Story

Survive the ordeals of modern day life as you strive toward the career of your dreams in My Life Story, a fun Builder game! As a recent high school graduate living in your parents' basement, life is just getting started. It's time to find a job, move into an apartment and work your way through the collegiate ranks. As you explore the town, you'll uncover special events, intriguing encounters and even home furnishings that improve your weekend.

* Quirky characters
* Dozens of jobs to choose from
* Find the career of your dreams

My Life Story | 36 Mb |

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Diner Dash 5: Boom Collector's Edition

Free Full Version Games: Diner Dash 5: Boom Collector's Edition

When a sneaky prankster removes the word "fat" from Flo's "Fat Free Breakfast" sign, a huge wave of hungry DinerToons overrun the diner. BOOM!! Flo's Diner is smashed to bits! As Flo, you'll take it to the streets in out-of-the-ordinary locations, earning tips to rebuild your own personalized diner to play in as your final 10 levels.

This commemorative edition offers exclusive content only available on Diner Dash 5: BOOM Collector's Edition:
*50 levels and 5 new venues to play including 5 advanced levels (an extra hour of play) exclusive to the Collector's Edition
*Strategy Guide Walkthrough to help increase your expert-level scores
*Behind the scenes concept art, animated screen saver and wallpapers, and "Flo Over Time" historical retrospective.

Diner Dash 5: Boom Collector's Edition


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Parisian Flowers

Free Full Version Games: Parisian Flowers

Help Marie with the flower production and selling. Try to earn as much money as possible to upgrade the shop and help Pierre buy expensive presents for his girlfriend

Parisian Flowers | 46 Mb |

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Youda Safari

Free Full Version Games: Youda Safari

Give all the tourists a once in their lifetime holiday experience! Guide your visitors past crazy monkeys, rebellious rhinos and hilarious hippos, mind the lions in the way and look for many more wicked wildlife animals in this lovely game park game!

You are in charge of the safari parks all over the world. It's up to you to take care of these wildlife enthusiasts and eager safari tourists and give them a holiday experience they will never forget! Choose the best photo moments, find these special rare and shy animals and upgrade your parks with new vehicles, bigger tourist facilities, restaurants and other services. Provide your guests with the best guidance tour and the best wildlife adventure they could wish for!

Finally a new time management game again! Challenge yourself in this very charming and highly addictive time management game. It offers you funny cartoon animals, great fun and excitement and challenging game play. Experience the beautiful wildlife parks all around the globe and make sure all visitors enjoy it as much as you do!

Youda Safari | 52 Mb |

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Sally's Studio Collector's Edition

Free Full Version Games: Sally's Studio Collector's Edition

Join Sally as she travels the world helping people feel their best! Warm up on the beach, find balance at a retreat and lots more!
This is a special Collector's Edition early release.

Experience all the exclusive Collector’s Edition extras!
The Collector’s Edition includes:
Bonus gameplay!
Magnificent wallpapers
Animated screensaver
Fantastic concept art
Special Collector’s shop

Sally's Studio Collector's Edition | 98 Mb |

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Miss Management

Free Full Version Games: Miss Management

Manage a team of zany coworkers as you step into the shoes of Denise, a first-time office manager. Play through 30 episodes of comedic hijinx,
with different goals to achieve each time! You'll encounter 11 different employees, each with their own personality quirks, skills, likes and dislikes. Watch relationships, rivalries and romance unfold across more than 40 animated sitcom-style scenes! It's time to get the job done without total politics were never as hilarious as this!

System Requirements:
* OS: Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Me
* Memory: 256 MB
* DirectX: 7.0 or later
* CPU: P3 800
* Video: 3D Video Card

Miss Management | 24 Mb |

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Rachel's Retreat

Free Full Version Games: Rachel's Retreat

Rachel has had one failed spa experience after when she spots the opportunity to start a dream retreat of her own, nothing can stop her! Help Rachel's Retreat to flourish and grow by attending to your clients' every need. With an unimaginable array of beauty, energy and relaxation stations, it's up to you to creatively accommodate clients, and perhaps even change their minds. A host of employees and a mysterious guru named Sven Gali will be at your side to help, but will you know who to trust?Set in a tropical paradise, this innovative mix of time management and building game will pamper you in a hypnotically soothing atmosphere. Luxuriate in the beautiful visuals and warm music while you help your clients reach Nirvana!

Rachel's Retreat | 97 Mb |

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