Saturday, April 16, 2011

Jack Of All Tribes

Jack Of All Tribes |133Mb|

The story begins when Jack comes to an amusement park to ride a new attraction called “Tunnel of Destiny”. When he enters the tunnel in a railcar, everything goes wrong! The railcar stops in the darkness. Jack runs out of patience and begins to press all buttons and levers, trying to move it. Suddenly the railcar dashes out of the tunnel, falling down into a deep lake. Shocked, Jack sees shaggy members of a primitive tribe. It is a real time travel!Judging by Jack’s unusual looks, the tribe‘s chief decides that the young man is the redeemer predicted by the Great Shaman. The prophecy says that the redeemer will free the tribes from the oppressive domination of the Dumbheads. Now Jack must follow the instructions given in the prophecy and find all hidden artifacts - otherwise he will never return home...

Game features:

* Incredible journey to the Stone Age
* Rule a primitive tribe
* Collect Hidden Objects to resolve time paradox
* Meet chieftains and shamans
* Help Jack return home to the future

Jack Of All Tribes



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