Monday, July 29, 2013

The Last Days

The Last Days free download
The Last Days free download

The Last Days [FINAL]|464MB|

Can you defeat the enemy and save the earth? An ancient enemy returns and the fate of the world is in your hands when you play The Last Days, a curious and educational hidden object adventure. Learn about the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle, and discover clues left by advanced civilizations eons ago.

You're long overdue for a vacation, so you head out to the Bahamas looking for the refreshment of sun, sea, and sand. Your diving excursions reveal mysterious artifacts strangely out of place. Can you piece together the clues in time?

Explore over 40 gorgeous locations and richly detailed scenes.
Use the diary to keep track of important information that you'll refer to as you collect more clues and understand more of what is required of you.
Solve fun and interesting puzzles and mini-games.
Participate in the thrilling action story.




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